The first Object in SPA’s Constitution is to "prevent suicide by supporting Members to build a stronger suicide prevention sector" - and through SPA membership, you are not only able to contribute to strategy and policy development, and ultimately strengthen the overall effectiveness of the suicide prevention sector; but also have a clear line of communication through which to provide feedback and suggestions regarding SPA’s activities and direction, and through which we share with you news, initiatives and collaboration opportunities from across the sector.

Ultimately, everything we do is for the benefit of our Members, and we are always listening.

The fee for organisations, companies, associations, departments, councils and agencies wishing to take up membership of Suicide Prevention Australia is linked to annual turnover, while individuals actively engaged in suicide prevention and Suicide Prevention Networks pay a flat fee.

An organisation’s eligibility to be a Member of Suicide Prevention Australia hinges on clause 2.2 (a) (i) B in our Constitution, as to whether the organisation has “a demonstrated commitment to suicide and self-harm prevention and/or postvention”.

We therefore invite you to apply to be a Member, if: 

  • Your organisation has a demonstrated commitment to suicide and self-harm prevention and/or postvention; 
  • You agree that your organisation will carry out its obligations as a Member honestly and fairly and with business integrity; and 
  • Your organisation agrees to be bound by, and to comply with, SPA’s Constitution.

If your organisation does not have a demonstrated commitment to suicide and self-harm prevention and/or postvention, then you are welcome to apply to be an Associate*. 

* The principal difference between Members and Associates is that only Members have Voting Rights at the Annual General Meeting.